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About Procurisk

About Procurisk

Procurisk® is a risk modelling tool, unique in its field, designed to probe and identify procurement risks.

Procurement decisions have the potential to create serious risks for a buying organisation. A structured risk modelling tool such as Procurisk ® will help to identify potential risks and promote the development of risk mitigation strategies within your business. Procurisk ® augments ISO 31000:2009 and is of material assistance to Directors, Audit, Legal, Finance and Procurement specialists.

Further benefits of using Procurisk® include:

  • Enhanced bottom line performance
  • Visibility of procurement risks to inform the Board of Directors
  • Enhanced value for money
  • Greatly reduced potential for contract disputes
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Strategic supplier risks visible and managed
  • Robust methodology to support Audits and Corporate Risk Management
  • Enhanced negotiation strategies for risk allocation
  • Enhanced Contract Management processes to avoid supplier non-performance

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